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If you’re looking to shoot and in need of Costume Design, rentals and delivery in Greater London then feel free to get in touch!


As we know, lots of stores and costume houses will have limited access during these times, and with the guidelines put in place, it would be much safer to limit travel and human contact. I have an endless collection of costumes in storage to rent, and I'm pretty certain we already have what we need!


From 60s suits to 80s knitwear, 70s flares to 90s moschino, dinosaurs to punks, security guards to office workers, fishermen to uniforms, and all the dancewear, streetwear, sportswear, traditional and religious wear you can imagine. We also work closely with incredible seamstresses and fabric warehouses, which means we can design, pattern cut and create costumes from scratch, all whilst working remotely.


Contact free Costume Design is something I have already grown familiar with, providing photographs of available pieces, shoes and accesories, creating costume decks, delivering suitcases to cast and handling one on one fittings over Zoom, presenting fitting images to the director, client and agency and confirming final selects with our artist before the shoot. 


Delivery can be included with this service, whilst making sure we take all proper precautions. As always, our actor’s, dancer’s and model’s wellbeing is number one priority.

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